Malzeit – Theater für einen Zuschauer

Regie: Gert Engel, Malerei: Silke Kruse, 2008

A lively dialogue

„… Of course, there was a kind of silent dialogue between some pieces. Two belonged to a new genre called ‚Maltheater‘ in German (‚painting theatre‘)…. 

Similar in concept, but more geared to adult spectators, was Malzeit (when spoken, this is a German pun meaning both ‚mealtime‘ and ‚painting time‘). You, the spectator, are led by the director, Gert Engel, into a small room off the lobby of the Schaubude. There you spend about five minutes alone with a painter, Silke Kruse, who is completely hidden from you, behind a small theatre. As you sit facing its stage, you watch paint brushes get dipped into jars of coloured inks and produce a picture on a serviette. A story is vaguely suggested, since Kruse’s work is figurative, but no words are spoken to reinforce the dramaturgy. You are given the picture at the end of the performance and can compare it with those of others in the Schaubude’s foyer. Each painting is different, you soon discover: no formulas here.“

Karen Rosenberg (USA) in: „Puppet Notebook“ British UNIMA, Issue 13, Winter 2008